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Wellness Coach


Sometimes it is the small changes that can make big differences. Or perhaps you are ready for big shifts.


Together we will find the steps that are needed to reach your goals.

As a trained naturopath, I look at health in a holistic way: Our internal and external environments are responsible for the way we feel. Therefore we need to take a “whole life” approach if we want to achieve lasting changes.

I view our work together as a “lifestyle cleanse.” We explore food choices, stress management, physical exercises and thought patterns, as well as finding ways to nurture the things that are important to you.

Tools that can help you regain strength and balance:

● Food choices

● Herbal medicine

● Mindfulness/Meditation

● Qi Gong/Exercises

● Reconnecting with what is important to you

Do you need a positive change in your life?
 Do you feel stuck, tired, and unhappy?

Online sessions available, email Flurina for details

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