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Mindful Schools


Mindfulness is purposefully bringing non-judgmental awareness to one’s experience. Mindfulness creates space, replacing impulsive reactions with thoughtful responses.


30 years of extensive research on mindfulness applications shows its effectiveness in treating illness, anxiety, stress and depression.


Mindfulness is wonderful in education because it:

increases attention span.

improves impulse control.

reduces stress.

builds community and empathy.

I have practiced mindfulness since 1992 and I have been a meditation instructor since 2005, leading groups and retreats for adults. Since I discovered Mindful Schools I am passionate about bringing mindfulness to a variety of youth in and outside of the school system.

I am the director of a growing network of outside-providers in our school district, the “Mindful Youth Project.” In addition to teaching children, I am also interested in expanding mindfulness trainings for teachers and parents.


Services I offer


  • mindfulness in classrooms, grades K-12. (One cycle includes 16 mini-lessons of 15 minutes each)

  • teacher trainings

  • private sessions to students, teachers, and parents

    Online sessions available, email Flurina for details

I am a certified Mindful School instructor since 2015 and have been teaching mindfulness in different
schools and privately since 2013.

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